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We specialise in distressed assets and have the experience in turning these companies around into profitable businesses. As a company we are always seeking these distressed assets across various sectors in order to add to our current portfolio to add diversification and seek to turn these companies around into profitable assets.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Cornerstone Holdings Corp holds investments in North America, South America, the Middle East and the European Union. 


The Industries We Focus In

Cornerstone Holdings Corp UK focuses its acquistions in specific areas where we know our expertise can be put to use and where we can apply our knowledge. 

Below are some of the industries that we focus on when we acquire or invest in companies.


We have an interest in regional airlines and full services airlines that require recapatilisation or restructing, that have the potential to be turned around and made more profitable and competitive in a crowded market.

Aerospace Industries

Supporting our investments in Aviation, we invest in other related Aerospace companies that have the opportunity to engage with Airlines and Governments to provide their services.

Real Estate

Hotels, Resorts, Property Developments, Management – we have experience in all of these fields across the world woth a great success rate in ensuring high occupancy and great tenant relations.


In Developing Countries and Developed Countries, Cornerstone Holdings Corp has managed various Telecommunications assets and ensured their effective operations

Healthcare Industries

We have experience in Hospital Management and Operations, Inventory Management and Procurement in both private and public hospital settings across the world.

Waste Management

With the changes needed with how we manage our waste, Cornerstone Holdings Corp has increased its interests in Waste Management around the world, specifically in the disposal of medical waste.

Other Areas of Interest

In partnership with others that hold experience in different fields, Cornerstone Holdings will seek out portfitable opportunities in other fields. 

Our Team

Cornerstone Holdings Corp UK has a group of experienced professionals.

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Our Team

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